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Würzburg is an extremely vibrant student city. With approximately 133,000 inhabitants, it is one of the largest cities in the federal state of Bavaria. Lying amidst the vineyards, the climate in Würzburg is pleasant and mild all year round. Wine is part of the cultural heritage here – as proven by the many wine festivals in and around the city.

Countless landmarks and places of interest characterise the cityscape: imposing Marienberg Fortress, the city’s landmark, sits high up on a hill overlooking the city and bears testament to Würzburg’s more than 1,000-year history. The sumptuous Würzburg Residence is one of the most significant palaces in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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View on vineyards in Würzburg
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Fortress Marienberg Würzburg
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Residence Palace in Würzburg
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Museum "Kulturspeicher" in Würzburg

FHWS faculties in Würzburg

FHWS faculties and their degree programmes have several sites in Würzburg. The main site, also hosting the administrative departments of FHWS, is centrally located.
Overview about all FHWS faculties in Würzburg

Events in Würzburg

A whole host of events, including the Africa Festival, Würzburg Docks Festival, and Kiliani Fair, take place in the city throughout the year. Theatres and museums as well as countless cafés and bars ensure a bustling city atmosphere. The event calendar for Würzburg offers an overview of some upcoming events we recommend.

Information and campaigns for students in Würzburg

Primary Residence campaign

Students who register their place of residence as their primary residence with the Würzburg Citizens’ Office (Town Hall, Rückermainstraße 2), are offered various benefits.
Among others, the City offers vouchers and provides a financial contribution to the semester ticket.

The city’s website provides information on Authorities and Financing (please scroll down for the Primary Residence campaign) as well as the “Welcome!” brochure for new international students.

Film Studying and Living in Würzburg