Students and one of the lecturers in front of a whiteboard


Members of the THWS International team are available at both THWS sites to answer any questions you may have on internationalisation of our university:

Contact Person

THWS International Team in Würzburg
Tiepolostraße 6
97070 Würzburg
Phone +49 931 3511-6500



THWS International Team in Schweinfurt
Johann-Modler Weg 2
97421 Schweinfurt
Phone +49 931 3511-6500



Would you like to complete an entire full-time programme at THWS or spend one to two semesters here as an incoming exchange student from another university?

Do you already study at THWS and you would like to spend time at one of our partner universities as an outgoing student?

The THWS International team is gladly on hand to assist and to answer any questions you may have. Please see the Team section for all contact details.