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The project

Since 2014, the Technical University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (THWS) has been the first German university to offer parallel Bachelor's degree programmes in both German and English, known as "TWIN degree programmes", which facilitate and encourage a switch in language during the course of study. Since the introduction of TWIN programmes, they have been well-received by students, both domestic and international, and have significantly contributed to the internationalisation of THWS and the establishment of a large international campus (THWS i-Campus).

The THWS World TWIN project aims to further develop this concept of TWIN programmes with a focus on internationalisation. By deepening collaboration with international partners, developing concepts for virtual mobility and internships, and digitising teaching, the project seeks to create long-term structures that intertwine study programmes, thus creating what we call "World TWINS."

The project focuses on one of the current TWIN programmes, Robotics, and encompasses the following measures:

The measures

Building a global TWIN Robotics network

Only through strong international collaboration can study programmes be intertwined to create World TWINS. In this project, THWS closely collaborates with the following partners:

  • Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt (Austria)
  • German-Jordanian University (Jordan)
  • National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology (Taiwan)
  • Shenzhen Technology University (China)
  • University of Engineering and Technology Lahore (Pakistan)

This measure focuses on deepening partnerships and establishing a global TWIN Robotics network. An essential part of strengthening collaboration is organising regular opportunities for meetings and discussions. The 'Robotics Forum' serves as one such platform, facilitating exchange among partners on various robotics topics.

Development of digitally supported study and training offerings

A key focus of this project lies in developing structures that make it easier for students (and university staff) to participate in study and training programmes. This includes opportunities for study and training at other universities.

The activities within this measure concentrate on creating procedures that facilitate the comparison of study programmes between universities (with the goal of mutual recognition) and make the composition of study programmes easily accessible for students and professors. Ultimately, all study and training opportunities should be available on a transparent platform.

Streamlining student mobility

Organising student mobility can be a cumbersome process for universities, especially for those that are just beginning to internationalise.

The activities within this measure aim to test new procedures for simplifying physical mobility and explore ways to promote virtual mobility.

Involvement of industry partners

One of the strengths of universities is the development of innovative ideas. Collaboration with industry partners can further enhance innovation, and internships with industry partners can provide students with fresh inspiration and ideas.

This measure aims to develop processes that strengthen collaboration between universities and industry, while helping students find internship opportunities in the field of robotics (in Germany and abroad).

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Do you have any questions about our project World TWIN or would you like to receive more information? Feel free to get in touch with us! You can reach us at the email address worldtwin[at] Our team will gladly respond to your inquiries regarding the project and its associated activities.

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing more about our work!

Project team

Project manager
World TWIN

Wouter de Regt
Wouter de Regt

Wouter de Regt

Room 21.1.16
Johann-Modler Weg 2,
97421 Schweinfurt
E-Mail wouter.deregt[at]

Appointments upon arrangement

Project coordinator for the
Digitisation of teaching

Dr Patricia Kemmer
Dr Patricia Kemmer

Dr Patricia Kemmer

Room 21.1.16
Johann-Modler Weg 2
97421 Schweinfurt
Email: patricia.kemmer[at]

Appointments by arrangement