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With approximately 53,000 inhabitants, Schweinfurt is one of the fastest-growing cities in Germany and an important business hub in the region. Countless regional and international companies, such as Schaeffler, Bosch Rexroth, SKF and ZF, are based here and offer FHWS students outstanding opportunities for internships and practical placements. The city has the highest density of jobs in Germany, hence it also offers students the very best career prospects.

FHWS Faculties in Schweinfurt

FHWS faculties and their degree programmes have several sites in Schweinfurt.
Overview about all FHWS faculties in Schweinfurt

Events in Schweinfurt

Beside the industrial infrastructure, there is also a lively art and culture scene in Schweinfurt, with a varied selection of museums and galleries.  

Located directly beside the River Main and surrounded by greenery, Schweinfurt is perfect for outdoor activities, such as skating, jogging, climbing, and canoeing.

Our event calendar for Schweinfurt gives you an overview of events in or around the city we recommend.

Information and campaigns for students in Schweinfurt

Primary Residence campaign in Schweinfurt

Students who register their place of residence in Schweinfurt as their primary residence are offered vouchers worth €200.00. Vouchers include tickets for museums, for the theatre, the VHS Schweinfurt as well as for the sports and leisure pools Silvana. There are also vouchers for reduced rates or special offers in bars and restaurants in and around Schweinfurt.

For more information, please visit the corresponding web page of the City of Schweinfurt (German only).